Steel Image

Industry Giants In Balustrading and Staircases


Only the True Professionals in the Balustrade and Staircase Industry understand the hardship our Industry faced the last couple of years. SANS was revised in 2011 and without proper notification or understanding our industry became widely more regulated.

Steel Image took notice.

We researched, We Invested, We studied, We developed, We sourced. We tested and tested some more. We found professional’s and compiled a Team of expertise. We spend time … and money and a whole lot of effort in our Products. Safety became our key focus and we had to change each component of our designs to ensure compliance.

We did it !! 

Almost 3 years later and for the pure ethic of doing the right thing STEEL IMAGE ensures that all our clients Balustrades complies with the law as prescribed by SANS and the Building industry.

The longer we in the industry the harder we are fighting against the system.
We have found that too many “competitors” still supplies and install illegal Balustrade.
Cutting the throat of the COMPLIANT Companies.    
SANS legislation does not make provision for the sub-contractors accountability when Safety is at risk.